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The walking dead episode 1 5

the walking dead episode 1 5

As Carol gains the upper hand, Mary explains that Terminus used to be a real sanctuary until a group of maurauders raped and killed her people.
Back in the train car, Eugene reveals that before the fall, he helped engineer weaponized diseases to fight other weaponized diseases.
He says his team devised a system that could kill all humans on the planet and that same system might be able to kill off the walkers.As the group rests, Tyreese tells Carol that he killed Martin.Rick decides that they will get as far away from Terminus as possible.The sequence is designed to make you reflect on your choices and evoke an emotional reaction.Exit Theatre Mode After the credits and the stats readout that shows you how you interacted with each main character, we see Clementine alive and well in a field out in the countryside.If you choose to spare the Stranger's life, do not complete virtual serial ports emulator vspe the QTE where Lee is strangling him in the closet.Tell her to: Get the baseball bat from under the sales counter.Decide who should find weapons, build blockades, and secure the second floor.Exit Theatre Mode Kenny suggests you have an 'adult' conversation about your condition and what to do should the infection spread.Rick's group ambushes a team of Terminus residents and takes their weapons.
Tyreese complies, and Martin listens to his shouts as the walkers attack.Carol discovers the Terminus shrine.Note: If you choose not to lose your arm, the arc of the story will not be greatly affected.Rick admits it's filled with weapons, including rifles, handguns, a compound bow and a machete.Go back down the ramp and open the center cabinet to find a rib separator.Carol met on a supply run before Carol's exile.