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Not Helpful 37 Helpful Alternatively, casting shadows on parts of yourself can trim those areas away for a slimming effect. You can tease already-dry hair with back-combing and hairspray, or you can wash and blow dry your hair, applying a root-lifter or mousse around your scalp. As one man whose nudes were uploaded to a porn page on Tumblr discovered: Do not send or accept photos like this if you are under 18, it can result in you and the person you share it with being charged. First, go directly to the site and request that it be taken down. Use these positions to look your best:

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I'm 13, should I post my nudes to become popular?

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How to find out if your nude photos have been shared online and what to do if they have

The best way to take erotic photos of yourself is to arch your back and elongate your neck. Not-safe-for-work images thrive on social platforms like Tumblr, while other sites such as Flickr, Twitter, Google and Reddit have taken tougher stances on revenge porn and those responsible. Want to know the reaction I got when I first began posting pictures of myself without clothes on, online? You are young, dears. My skin is very fair- not pretty bronze tan.

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