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When Leo and Virgo fall in love… Both have high energy levels — lots physical activities occur — dancing, sport, gym hiking. The whole family may need a lifetime of therapy to survive. There will be a very good understanding and sense of communication between the Virgo and Leo. She must be courted to break through her reserved exterior. Below we have an analysis of the unusual zodiac compatibility of Leo and Virgo.

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Infidelity or lurid secrets can kill this potentially good relationship.

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Leo and Virgo

Leo and Virgo How compatible are Leo and Virgo? Leo can help to lift the more negative and clingy aspects of Virgo, and in the same way, Virgo can offer all of the love and almost fan like compliments that a Leo needs to feel on top of the world. Virgo greatly desires that the Leo be seduced in public. Flirting should be something that is brought into this relationship early on, so Leo will always return home to feel good about themselves. Leo July 23 - August

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leo and virgo sex
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leo and virgo sex
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