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Sorry, Full sized images are viewable for bonus group members only. I think my sexual fantasy with masturbating in plastic pants, started with putting my younger brother's baby-pants on. We provide no 'socially appropriate' sexual outlets for year-olds, masturbation aside—which, let's face it, can get monotonous. I like the ones that snap to go over diapers but for cumming and peeing. Yes, I am basically gay, but get turned on by women's breasts. By John Greenfield Hey has anyone besides myself

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And while the stealing is definitely worrisome, it does provide a convenient, less awkward way for you to address the fetishism issue. Yes, I am basically gay, but get turned on by women's breasts. And burn victims and people with missing limbs and people with birth defects? Either soaked or fairly wet, I love grinding in it and then rubbin' my genitals till I pee and squirt in my diaper or until I can't handle the pressure and have to stop cuz I squirm so much. It took about two weeks to heal.

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wearing pampers to masturbate
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wearing pampers to masturbate
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