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Focus on other sexual activities, not just intercourse. Treatment may include sexual counseling to learn series of couples' exercises to: FOD may be due either to psychological factors or a combination of physiological and psychological factors, but not due to physiological factors alone. The most common drugs used to treat depression may cause this problem. Other women, faced with a similar conflict, arrive at a different, but no-less imperfect answer. Causes and symptoms With FOD, a woman either does not have an orgasm or has extreme difficulty regularly reaching climax. Sexual response involves the mind and body working together in a complex way.

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As ofclinical trials are under way to investigate the effect of sildenafil Viagra on women's sexual response.

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Female orgasmic disorder

In generalized FOD, the failure to have an orgasm occurs with different partners and in many different settings. But many health care providers don't broach the potential sex issues with their patients, certainly not in any detail. The same goes for masturbation. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIswhich happen to be the most commonly prescribed antidepressants, are also the most likely to have sexual side effects. Looking back she says: At the age of 35, lying in bed by himself, he experienced the best orgasm of his life — without once touching his penis. This has caused me husband guilt and forced me to masturbate which for someone in his seventies and Christian is a little rediculous.

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she blocked orgasm
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she blocked orgasm
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