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Rockers in Halloween Costumes: The next step is to work through it, but this song is about the first step in that process which is recognizing'. Flag paiva on August 15, Timesin attempting to praise the emotional resonance of "Sober," delivered the song a backhanded compliment, writing that it "introduces an element of poignancy to go with the customary grunge-rock dread. There's my two cents for what it's worth.

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The following lines are the most important, I would say:

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Flag christco on September 28, But Tool immediately carved out their own niche — one defined by atmosphere and imagery more than shredding. Not sure if I agree though. Quite a good interpretation. Jimmy's stepfather was caring for him at this time, he inspires the content for this song for about two years until Judith finally sends him to his fathers in Michigan.

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tool prison sex music
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tool prison sex music
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