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K-drama the heirs episode 14

k-drama the heirs episode 14

Mom has only just died, and she tells Eun-tak what to expect when the hospital calls to let her know.
(And the sageuk portions being filmed in widescreen probably adds to its epic, cinematic quality.) Its quite an interesting plot setup, and I think we might want to brace ourselves for tears down the line, because, as Eun-taks mother noted, the goblins predicament is romantic.
Theres nothing that guarantees a sad ending, necessarily, since the writer can always find a different resolution to the setup than having Shin fulfill the curse and disappear.
Eun-tak apologizes for seeing ghosts, But because I can see those things, I can see you like this.Eun-tak informs him that it isnt that she called him, Its just that I see you.The woman asks what happens if she doesnt drink, and he supposes she will regret that.When Shin returns home, hes startled to find the reaper there, and asks what hes doing in his home.His second-in-command rages at being turned on driver reviver with crack after fighting on the hellish battlefield for the king.Shin sits high above the city, hearing the sounds below, and the peoples voices.Deok-hwa slinks away quietly.The goblin-reaper tension is shaping up to be quite entertaining, but I like that theres more to it than simple grudging roommates or bromance.The gods are mean, she says while admiring a jade ring in grannys stash of goods.Then Deok-hwa notices the travel documents and asks if Shin is going away to search for his bride.
I think you are a goblin.
Later, Eun-tak tests out her theory using a candle-blowing app on her phone, then lights up when Shin shows up, right on cue.
His second-in-command proudly announces their arrivalonly to receive a hostile reception, as they are ordered to strip off their armor.He replies that if thats all she sees, shes not the goblins bride, and is useless to the goblin.Death isnt just a possibility but his entire goal.Episodes: 21, release Date: December 18, 2013 - February 27, 2014.He draws his sword, which glows with bluish-green fire, and slams it into the deck, splintering the wood and sinking the ship.He says the job will happen soon, but she cuts him off to say she wants the boyfriend wish instead.Annoyed that she was just testing it out, he turns to go, and Eun-tak grabs his armand suddenly, it lights up with wispy blue-green smoke, like the kind that enveloped his sword.He explains that he cant vanish in the church (Consider it a type of DMZ) and starts walking out, while she pesters him about her three wishes, none of which have worked out.She tells her to stay warm, and to never meet ghosts eyes in the future.