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Heart rate zones calculator

heart rate zones calculator

The yellow training zone indicates an intensity that is moderate to vigorous, and if performed for too long could result in fatigue.
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To assess heart rate, place your fingertips on either the radial or carotid pulse site.Low end zone, high end zone.You should be perfectly healthy at the time of performing this test as this method can be dangerous.That is a widely held myth, caused by a misunderstanding of the science.The body becomes more efficient at feeding the working muscles, and learns to metabolise fat as a source of fuel., aerobic zone or "target heart rate zone".After that, increase your intensity every 30 seconds until you reach the intensity you cannot maintain for more than 10 seconds.Registered user benefits include: Login to your British Cycling account.Many experts recommend doing.For ease of comparison, we equate your Lactate Threshold to be the 85 Max HR level, or the middle of Zone 4, for most people in good shape.If your exercise heart rate is below the target range, increase your pace or effort slightly to achieve the proper intensity.If you are working at too easy of an intensity, you will still receive some health benefits but you will not experience the calorie-burning effect and the aerobic benefit that you would if you were working at an appropriate intensity.
Although our calculator is pretty accurate in calculating your maximum heart rate there are still ways to measure your maximum heart rate more accurately.
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Fortunately, if you are a beginner who has been inactive for a long time, you can start with 5 to 10 minutes of aerobic exercise and still get aerobic health benefits.While the assessment is intensive, it should provide, especially over multiple times, an excellent basis for determining your heart rate training zones.It generally occurs at about 80-88 of the Heart Rate Reserve.This ensures that blood gets to the muscles so that they can get the oxygen and nutrients they need to continue working.Heart rate is expressed as number of heartbeats in one minute.