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Cs 1.6 bazooka plugin

cs 1.6 bazooka plugin

Wav" (string) #define ModelRocket "models/l" (string) #define ModelJetpack_P "models/p_l" word 2010 table of contents page number alignment (string) #define ModelJetpack_W "models/w_l" (string) #define ModelJetpack_V "models/v_l" (string) #define ClassJetpack "gg_jetpack" (string) #define ClassJetpack_P "gg_jetpack_p" (string) #define ClassRocket "gg_bazooka" (string) #define ItemName "JetpackBazooka" (string) #define ItemCost item price (integer) #define RocketSpeed 1500 - rocket speed.
Enable/Disable: /Uncomment this to fully disable knockback define disable_ALL_knockback /Uncomment this to make dropped jetpack bouncing define make_jetpack_bouncing /Uncomment this to allow player to drop their jetpack define allow_drop_jetpack /Uncomment this to enable death effect (gibs and blood) killed by rocket define make_death_effect /Uncomment this.Reason: Add video of this Jetpack.So i can you put a lock on mac folders create my own JetpackBazooka plugin for classic CS1.6 and also available for Zombie Plague mod too.Say_team /jp - to buy jetpack.Tekrar bçaa dönmek için tekrar ( e ) tuuna basyorsunuz.Wav" (string) #define SoundPickup "events/task_complete.( e ) tuuna bastnz zaman bazuka geliyor.Varsaylan olarak 3 defa kullanma hakk tanyor.Changes Log: Version.0.1 - First release for classic CS1.6 For Zombie Plague see p?t229532 Hi, 7 years ago i run nosteam servers and i support nosteam community.Press E demolition company no cd keygen to slowly falldown (invisible parachute.) - Can fire rocket using any weapons - Bouncing dropped Jetpack, more challenging to catch.Knockback based on damage dealt.
Bazooka_ammo1 - Mermi saysn belirleme komutu.
This plugin will help you fly around the map and can shoot infinity rocket with interval.
Bazuka ücreti varsaylan 2500.I see many people want EF_light on rocket entity so this plugin add.No need to loop for 32 (hardcoded) players for jetpack forward.Bazooka_cost - Bazuka ücretini belirleme komutu (varsaylan: 2500) bazooka_dropping - Ölünce bazukann yere dümesini salama komutu.Admin Komutlar; bazooka (Konsola bazooka yazarak ücretsiz bazuka alma komutu) bazooka_give @all/ct/t amount (Oyunculara bazuka verme komutu).CS.6 Bazooka.2.2.1 Alternatif Link 2 ndir « Önceki Sayfa, sonraki Sayfa bunlarda ilgini çekebilir;.