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C to c code converter

c to c code converter

I having a problem to convert this c coding to c n anyone help me to convert.
Skyetek_success ) printf No tags foundn return; for( int i 0; i count; i ) printf Found tag: sn lpTagsi- friendly C# Code, structLayout(quential) public struct skyetek_TAG public skyetek_tagtype type; /This is correct based on C descargar real playerer gratis para windows xp Code public IntPtr id; public short afi; public.
The link has not been created: Short Link 5output area converted code will be here.
C Code: typedef enum skye_tagtype stpv2 Tag Types aUTO_detect 0x0000, typedef struct skyetek_TAG, skyetek_tagtype type; lpskyetek_ID id; unsigned short afi; unsigned short session; unsigned char rf; tchar friendly128; void *user; void *internal; skyetek_TAG, *lpskyetek_TAG; skyetek_API skyetek_status / Get Tags Function its reply to "Invalid Parameter".My problem is a specific one.It will be required for C to be able to communicate with.I need to use it this tuesday.It only makes sense if the system includes support for.Net since the assembly for which you create the interface isn't going anywhere.In any case, since you mention that your system doesn't support.Net development, don't bother looking at our proposed solution.H void update char name1050; int barcode50,quantity50; float price50; int searchkey(int b100,int key int i0, z0; main int option; int bar; int v; char addnumber; do system cls printf ntt printf ntt (shop inventory record) printf ntt printf ntt printf ntt number menu printf ntt.
We are developing a new embedded system using tools that only support C/C for the moment (research project).
Originally Posted by hammari, thank you all!
n printf choose y for YES orn printf choose n for NO :t scanf s addnumber while (addnumber 'y printf nnt THE END nn void update int choice; do printf enter product's name: scanf s namez printf nenter product's barcode: scanf d barcodez printf nenter.OR choose any example below: Oops!I will look at the interface that you suggest.Please correct my game buat hp cross cb96et code.Dll public static extern skyetek_status SkyeTek_GetTags(IntPtr readers, skyetek_tagtype TagType, out IntPtr lpTags, ref int count IntPtr lpDevices; IntPtr lpReaders; / I passed after found reader "IntPtr lpReaders" IntPtr lpTags; skyetek_tagtype tagType skyetek_TO_detect; int Count 0; st yeTek_GetTags(lpReaders, tagType, out lpTags, refCount / otherwise lpReaders equal.There is nothing to convert yet.3Select output language 1editor area type or paste your code here.Type your code or choose any example below: Oops!