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Please note that not every romance involving a red-head falls under this trope. Archie's Third-Option Love Interest in Archie Comics is Cheryl Blossom, who is presented considerably more sexually than blonde Betty and brunette Veronica who have their good chunk of fanservice already. Jon seems to have taken this taste from his father Ned, who is happily married to auburn-haired Catelyn Tully, Catelyn's daughter Sansa is her spitting image and a Dude Magnet herself. Red hair angel with big tits. Later, Haley dyed her hair blonde and then brunette, so Season 3 introduced us to the redheaded Rachel. Also from the same series, Nuts blondeCoco brunette and Syrup redhead in their human forms may count as a male example. Given that the wives are just their real-life wives in comic form, this is more of a Real Life example than a webcomic example.

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The three major female characters of Grimm:

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The Irish Redhead Convention will make you wish you were ginger too

This seems to be something of a trend, as well. Energy can be replenished by feeding a Turkey Kaliptus LeavesKaliptus Flowersraw meatraw fish and gutted fish. In a variation of the standard trope, Dores is the fiery one and Vandi is serious. They fight super-villains together and are extremely close. Averted as Word of God has said that Arnold will eventually end up with Helga, a blonde. Iris and her friends in The Lady Vanishes are a rare pre-War and black-and-white example. And his Amazing Friends are blond Iceman and red-haired Firestar.

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save a gen ride a redhead
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