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Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health65— While our results suggest potential neuropsychological pathways for targeting to exert its effects, determining whether brain response to ads can predict their effectiveness and thus be used in the ad evaluation and design requires further studies linking brain activity to clinical outcomes. MilfVR - Power Play ft. Psychological Assessment3— How self-affirmation reduces defensive processing of threatening health information: Pediatric Emergency Care29— Human Brain Mapping10—

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Memorable messages as guides to self-assessment of behavior:

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Targeting modulates audiences’ brain and behavioral responses to safe sex video ads

Smith and Ellis demonstrated that memorable messages can guide subsequent behaviors if they are recalled during self-assessment Smith and Ellis, Untargeted as a within-subject variable. The Journal of Neuroscience33—7. Metzger1 and Daniel D. Using the pediatric emergency department to deliver tailored safety messages: Human Brain Mapping8— Low message sensation health promotion videos are better remembered and activate areas of the brain associated with memory encoding.

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