Naruto and tsunade have sex

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Eventually his self control over his orgasm gave out, feeling his balls pull up tight Naruto buried himself as deeply as he could into Tsunade and grunted as he felt his dick swell. Recognizing the sounds of sex and knowing who was using the room, she quickly wove a genjutsu around the immediate area to deter others from approaching the vicinity. Her thick, half inch nipples stood out just begging to be sucked on. Which he greedily did, eyes darting over her frame at speeds that would leave Gai dizzy. She'd wanted to get fucked stupid and now she was getting that wish.

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Melting the Ice Queen 9.

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Crossing his arms, Naruto sat back on the examination table hoping she would hurry up and get this over with so he could put his clothes back on and go get some ramen from Ichiraku's. Now lose the boxers before I come over there to take them off myself. Looking down at where they were joined, Tsunade was amazed at how much he was stretching her pussy open, but that was nothing compared to her stomach. Holding still while Tsunade came around his dick, Naruto couldn't help but feel proud for getting her to cum so quickly. Besides, I'm a medic, it's not like I haven't seen anything you have before. This brings us back to Naruto impatiently waiting in the examination room for the doctor. It felt so damn good, the jacking hand flew over his dick with such skill.

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naruto and tsunade have sex
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naruto and tsunade have sex
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