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Active voice passive voice converter

active voice passive voice converter

Rewriting passive sentences in active means that one of the two objects becomes the subject while the other one remains the object.
It is up to the reader to have a clear idea of which voice to be used where.If you are not confident about your writing, using active voice would be an effective way to provide life to a dull piece of work.All this does not mean that passive voice is inherently wrong.Active voice, in most English sentences with an action verb, the subject performs the action denoted by the verb.The ball is not doing an action.Always use the active voice when you want to make your sentence clear, simple, direct and easier to read.When you can, you avoid, if you move away from this town, you will miss.Let us see the example, I am holding a pen.The room will be cleaned by John every Saturday.To change a passive voice sentence into an active voice sentence, simply reverse the steps shown above.
Write down the answer on the board, and tell them that there is another way to answer the question with the passive voice.
V Work in pairs Give students cards and tell them to complete the sentences in the passive voice.But, there are times politicians famously used passive voice to deliberately make it ambiguous or to hide the person who takes the action.For example, a cheating husband might respond, "Adultery was committed." let's go book 2 - color ball shooting game When passive voice better emphasizes the main point of the passage.Place the passive sentence's object of the preposition by into the subject slot.The subject.Identifying Passive Voice And Converting Into Active Voice.Anna is the subject.Sometimes a sentence in passive voice does not necessarily sound "wrong" or wordy.Because the subject does or "acts upon" the verb in such sentences, the sentences are said to be in the active voice.